The Other Side Of The Coin

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The Other Side Of The Coin   Let’s connect the dots: Logic class. The first set of language patterns in the Milton Model. Two lumbar back vertebral discs. And a cannabis and cocaine addict. Ok, here we go… Logic class: One the most valuable things I learned to do successfully in my college logic courses was to successfully argue my opposing viewpoint in debates. To learn these skills, the professor taught us many ways to persuade and argue within the context of philosophical debate...

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A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk: Amanda Khatib

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  A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk: Amanda Khatib   Amanda Khatib went to Burning Man 2016, a radical 9 day festival that takes place in Black Rock City in Nevada. Everything is extreme there she says, the people, the heat, the activities. Amanda did research on the event so to feel as prepared as possible. She felt that the most important and effective thing she could do is set up a system in her mind, her Unconscious mind, a place she could go to the...

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“Remembering produces a state called hesitation, and thinking leads to action” ~Richard Bandler   If you want to learn how to think by design and take control of what you can learn, and maybe even surprise yourself by learning more than you thought possible, then you can learn NLP and Unlearn what you remember that stops you and move into the future that propels you...

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Live on Los Angeles Television – Celebrity Snake Phobia Cure

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Celebrity Snake Phobia Cure – Live on T.V. Los Angeles Television personality Michael Strahan – Co host of Live with Kelly and Michael, morning talk show was terrified of snakes.  If seeing is believing, then have a look at the this: Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and my teacher  is live here showing  this celebrity how to use his brain differently to get a new response to snakes. NLP is about teaching...

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Not Just Any Mentor

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I was listening to a presentation today on the merits of and the how-to’s of finding a mentor. The presenter extolled the value of being in the right environment and openly sharing value and gratitude with folks who you want for a mentor because their success, the presenter suggests, is something you can learn and do to be more successful. In addition, the presenter suggests you do the same with random folks who  just might have some interesting knowledge to become a mentor you never...

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