Looking for Your Bashert / SoulMate?

Want to stop dating and get married?

Q: Have you spent too much time dating all the wrong types?

Change: Learn what IS your type and how to spot them immediately!

Q: Are you with someone you love but do NOT get along with?

Change: Learn how his/her neck-top PC  aka their BRAIN, is hardwired and how you can be WITH the right one easily, without losing yourself.

Q: Do you want a soul mate but have personal issues getting in your way?

Change: Learn to get past things, get over things, and get ON with things!

Have you been learning about loving relationships by trial and error?

How does that make you feel?

Exhausted?  Disappointed?   Tired of dating?   Frustrated? 

Think all the good ones are taken?   Wonder if something is wrong with you?

You learned to drive a car. You learned to swim. You learned a job.

Now it’s time to learn the REAL secrets of REAL lasting loving relationships.

Bashert Coaching helps you translate WHO YOU ARE, into:

HOW YOU ARE, your behaviors

Learn HOW TO communicate your own behavioral hardwiring to someone else and

Learn HOW TO quickly determine someone else’s behavioral hardwiring

To determine your longterm compatibility quotient.

There IS a better way to find your Bashert Private Coaching or Group Bashert Classes with Pam Castillo.

“This testimonial is about how Pam’s NLP-based Bashert coaching revolutionized the way I date. In a nutshell: it maximizes efficiency in learning about a potential match and minimizes heartbreak and wasted time.

I’ve dated the conventional way since I was 15. A guy liked me, he was nice, we got along, he made me feel good, BOOM! RELATIONSHIP! In each case, after months (or in one case, 4 years) of relationship-ing, I found myself…not myself. Without even realizing it, I was “stuck” in a relationship that was not ideal for me. Most of my relationships were not horrible nor were they even bad. But they were not ideal.

Our society teaches us that relationships are about compromise, nobody’s perfect, and at the end of the day, love is all that matters. THAT IS THE BIGGEST AND MOST DANGEROUS LIE THAT WE ARE TOLD! Society also tells us that we have to date for a long long long long time and go through heartbreaks and struggles to learn what we want and what we don’t want. That too is a big and dangerous lie. Society also tells us that while dating, we can “see where this goes” and “go with the flow.” Again, a big and dangerous lie.

These lies have led our society to more than half of its marriages ending up in divorce. And the things that an even greater percentage of people end up with are issues and baggage that take years, or even lifetimes, to overcome.



That is where Pam’s NLP Bashert coaching program comes in.

First, Pam determines whether you are ready to date. There might be emotional issues that would sabotage any chance of an ideal relationship or marriage. Pam can easily spot these issues and get rid of them quickly and permanently. It also might not be a good time in a person’s life for that person to start dating. Pam would point this out if this were the case and say something like, “come back to me once x, y, and z.”

Second, Pam uses a systematic NLP approach to determine who you are at your core, how you will behave, and what type of person you NEED to compliment you. People are not held together because they both have an interest in tennis. People are not held together because they are physically attracted to each other. People are held together because their cores and their behaviors fit together effortlessly and harmoniously. Pam’s job is to make matches where the people are NATURALLY COMPATIBLE without the people having to work so hard at the relationship or marriage.

Third, Pam teaches you where to find your match. Where would a guy who is x, y, and z and has traits q, r, and s most likely be?

Fourth, Pam teaches you how to REALLY get to know your date quickly, efficiently, and objectively using NLP calibration techniques. People tell you what you need to know. I read somewhere that the #1 reason why marriages fail is that people did not hear or take seriously something that the person told them early on in the dating process. Pam’s NLP Bashert daters are able to quickly and systematically spot red flags, inconsistencies, values, behaviors, and even the most subtle personality traits that would render any future relationship less than ideal.

I now date the NLP Bashert way where I am able to avoid “falling” into a less-than-ideal relationship, I am able to avoid heartbreak and wasted time, and I am able to recognize my ideal match. In a few short months, I was able to dodge a few bullets where I certainly would not have been able to before encountering NLP Bashert coaching. For example, I spotted that one of my dates who was light-hearted and bubbly on the surface was actually very subtly passive-aggressive and bitter. I spotted that another one of my dates did not naturally have 2 personality traits that Pam helped me discover that I absolutely needed to sustain a long-term harmonious marriage.

I am ready to get married and I am excited to sift through the absolutely nots, the nos, and most importantly, the almosts. Pam gave me the confidence, the courage, and the conviction to realize that almost is not enough, that there are multiple men out there who have absolutely everything that I need, that no one needs to “settle,” and that it is EASY to recognize your ideal match one you’re equipped with the right tools: Pam’s NLP Bashert coaching.” – Confident & Ready – Age 30

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