“Remembering produces a state called hesitation, and thinking leads to action” ~Richard Bandler


If you want to learn how to think by design and take control of what you can learn, and maybe even surprise yourself by learning more than you thought possible, then you can learn NLP and Unlearn what you remember that stops you and move into the future that propels you forward.


“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment unless you trust enough.”

~Frank Crane


I often hear clients tell me they have “trust issues”.  The ability to trust another rests in YOUR ability to predict ANOTHER’S behavior. In essence, to calibrate well enough, BEFORE they choose an action, so you can decide your response in advance.  Then you will trust what makes good sense to trust and trust your decision  NOT to trust what’s not trustworthy. Learning the set of skills that enable you to get this level of knowing the difference is easier than you think.


“A great spouse loves you exactly as you are. A UNIQUELY POWERFUL spouse helps you grow; inspires you to Be, Do and Give your very best.”

Choosing the right spouse, brings you even more Freedom than you’d have on your own. This is the purpose of dating: To determine if a potential mate has enough of the right stuff, is evolved enough, whole enough and capable enough of the strength needed to add to your Freedom. It’s a rare find, that’s why a Bashert is called a “meant-to-be” match. The miracle of finding The one, who brings such liberation to your soul, and you to their’s, is indeed a task that requires much Clarity, Accuracy and Honesty. The brain can n0t be fooled if used fully, the heart can easily be fooled. And yet, the heart must and will follow the brain. Are you using your brain with Clarity, Accuracy and Honestly?


“STOP doing the things you like and START doing the things you don’t like, for a change” ~ Pam Castillo


Some of the things people have liked in the past such as heroin, bad relationships, overeating, worrying have served only to create problems and prevent more desirable outcomes. On the other hand, some of things people have nOt  liked in the past, such as exercise, lima beans, good advice, public speaking, the taste of wheat grass juice, etc. have prevented you from being able to do things and have things that create the best possibilities for more desirable outcomes. If you are NOT getting the outcomes you want, decide what you need to STOP liking as well as what you need to START liking. And if you need help changing those things, one option is to use the associate/disassociate procedure that we teach in NLP Training.  Associate into the things you want to do/have and disassociate from the things you do not want to do/have, and decide what you want to like and realize with real eyes, you can be in charge of what you like. Give it a go!


“Worry is a misuse of the imagination” ~Dan Zadra

In order to *worry*,  you  have to engage a specific mental process. That’s right, you actually have to do something inside your mind or the ability to *worry*  or  think most anything,  just does nOt occur.  It might seem as though you haven’t done anything and *worry* just pops into your head and lingers there.  NOPE.  Not the case.  Guaranteed.  What people do to *worry*  is more often than not running just below their conscious radar. And everyone  has a different strategy for getting their brain to do things in a specific pattern and that process of thinking results in *worrying*.  Some people UNconsciously make life size or larger than life pictures of all sorts of things that can go wrong, some people tell themselves scary things in scary, loud tonality that frighten them, and others conjure up feelings like chest pains and jumpy stomaches because they Remember something similar happening in the past and believe it’s going to happen again, all of which will result in *crazy-making* of some kind, including *worrying*. If you learn how to your control your thinking at the other-than-conscious level, that  below the radar  place, you can STOP doing these things inside your mind that cause you to *worry* and begin to take charge of this UNconscious process, CONSCIOUSLY. Then you can learn to control these kinds thoughts so you’ll have useful, productive, good thoughts that lead you to do things happily. What will you do with all the extra time you’ll have when you no long have to worry anymore?