“STOP doing the things you like and START doing the things you don’t like, for a change” ~ Pam Castillo


Some of the things people have liked in the past such as heroin, bad relationships, overeating, worrying have served only to create problems and prevent more desirable outcomes. On the other hand, some of things people have nOt  liked in the past, such as exercise, lima beans, good advice, public speaking, the taste of wheat grass juice, etc. have prevented you from being able to do things and have things that create the best possibilities for more desirable outcomes. If you are NOT getting the outcomes you want, decide what you need to STOP liking as well as what you need to START liking. And if you need help changing those things, one option is to use the associate/disassociate procedure that we teach in NLP Training.  Associate into the things you want to do/have and disassociate from the things you do not want to do/have, and decide what you want to like and realize with real eyes, you can be in charge of what you like. Give it a go!

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