Take a minute and watch the short video clip in the above link of Charlie and Jackie dancing. Then you will see each of the elements below.

It is a great metaphor for how good quality NLP ChangeWorks. It’s a dance, and:

  • It’s fun
  • It’s full of lively energy
  • Each partner is unique and brings talents and skills, willingness and flexibility to the session
  • Each partner is necessary for the desired outcome
  • Each step is intricately planned and practiced  before the performance, and it appears effortless
  • Each partner is confident and presupposes the desired outcome
  • Each partner gives 100%
  • Each partner can be noticed as an individual while the couple remains a constant unit in motion
  • There is one clear leader and one clear follower  that often seems imperceptable
  • The ability to calibrate exquisitely keeps the couple in perfect dance harmony to completion
  • The music becomes part of the environment of motion without standing out
  • Dancing creates a change in state. Guaranteed.
  • Finding the right dance partner to dance well with, is No Coincidence.
  • It’s fun and you can learn to dance any dance
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