“A great spouse loves you exactly as you are. A UNIQUELY POWERFUL spouse helps you grow; inspires you to Be, Do and Give your very best.”

Choosing the right spouse, brings you even more Freedom than you’d have on your own. This is the purpose of dating: To determine if a potential mate has enough of the right stuff, is evolved enough, whole enough and capable enough of the strength needed to add to your Freedom. It’s a rare find, that’s why a Bashert is called a “meant-to-be” match. The miracle of finding The one, who brings such liberation to your soul, and you to their’s, is indeed a task that requires much Clarity, Accuracy and Honesty. The brain can n0t be fooled if used fully, the heart can easily be fooled. And yet, the heart must and will follow the brain. Are you using your brain with Clarity, Accuracy and Honestly?

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