A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk: Katherine Giaquinto

Katherine is an opera singer and voice teacher living in Los Angeles, California. She studied NLP at Clarity Institute in 2012 and since finishing practitioner training, she has noticed all the amazing ways she uses it with her profession.

As a voice teacher using NLP techniques, Katherine knows when to build rapport with a student and when and how to break rapport (which is often a powerful tool) in order to get her students to the next level in their studies. When she is explaining to a student what he or she was doing incorrectly, she knows which tense phrases and time clauses from the Milton Model to use so as to not program their unconscious mind for results she does NOT want in the future.

She uses visualization, future pacing and  Milton model language patterns to affect deep relaxation, and amazing and novel presuppositions to further assist her students in their vocal training. Once a student is able to grasp the concept of an exercise successfully, the student can find the muscle group he or she needs to engage and make the correction.

She uses Meta model languaging to help her students isolate the muscle group in their bodies that will affect the proper change and lock in memory by programming the physiology of the use of their bodies, in this case, for singing.

Katherine began her career as a child actor in Canadian film and TV. A devastating vocal injury led her on a mission to gain a complete understanding and total mastery of the voice. Katherine has established herself as the “go-to” teacher for professional singers in the Los Angeles area. Katherine combines her diverse performing background, as well as specialized training in the process of learning and skill development, with a deep sensitivity and genuine passion to see her clients overcome any barriers preventing them from achieving their dreams. Katherine can be found performing worldwide and can be reached via her vocal training website at: www.ovationvoicestudio.com 

Katherine Giaquinto is a graduate of Clarity Institute’s NLP™ certification program 2012


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