A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk – Baron Castillo

“I waited…. and waited…. and waited…. well, you get the idea.”  As Baron Castillo recounted a recent time where his NLP skills came in handy, he gave me the background of the situation.  His drivers license was expiring that day and so he rushed down to the local Department of Motor Vehicles to get the renewal.  After completing the application paperwork, Baron was shuffled off from window to window to pass each step of the agency’s processing. On the last step of the processing, a clerk noticed that he was going to have to take both the driving and written test for his motorcycle license along with the test for his drivers license because of an error the previous year,  discovered that day.  It was nearly closing time for the agency but the DMV allowed him to take the written tests for both licenses.  Since he hadn’t realized he had to renew the motorcycle part of his license, he had not studied or prepared for that test. He was given a booklet to study and told to come back to the window to take the test when he was ready. Baron is a busy commercial real estate broker and knew he was either going to pass the test that day or probably lose the chance to have his motorcycle license since he didn’t foresee returning any other time. “I looked at the booklet and thought to myself, ‘there is a lot of material here and I need more time to digest this so I can pass this test now.’  That’s when I remembered the NLP time distortion technique,” he said. ‘“YES! I’ve got an anchor already set from my Master Practitioner training for slow time and fast time,  ‘I thought to myself.”   Baron said, “I fired that slow time anchor and it was as if time was slowing down. I sat calmly and read all the material and time seemed to stand still almost. When I finished the book, I felt confident and went to take the test. I passed.”

Now there was one more hurdle to jump. He had to somehow convince the next clerk to waive the motorcycle driving course test as the place was closing and no more driving tests were being taken. “I don’t really remember exactly what I said because it just came flowing out, something about their error. When I saw the guy stamp a big WAIVED across my paperwork I was so happy. You know, it’s weird, it’s not until afterwards sometimes that I go back over it [the use of NLP] in my mind, and ask myself,  ‘what just happened?’  I discovered I’m pretty good at the NLP persuasive skills.  It’s not like I plan them out or stop to think about the rules; it just happens so fast sometimes. I can’t say it surprises me because it happens like this all the time. Boy did I need those things to work that day!”

Baron Castillo is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Los Angeles. You can reach Baron for  real estate investment property sales at his company,  Apartment Building Investments here: http://nlpclarity.com/shop/pamtastic-listings/  or by phone at 818-605-2626

Baron is a graduate of Clarity Institute’s Practitioner training certification – 2008 and Master Practitioner training certification – 2011


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