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“I use NLP with friends and family and just about anyone who needs help” …

As a lay clergyman, Jack Sands counsels youth in his church for those aged 19-30. Sometimes his counseling comes in the form of a well-prepared sermon for a crowd of youth, and sometimes it is more off-the-cuff personal counseling. When asked about his one on one counseling sessions, Jack said “Once I sit down with someone I immediately assess their representational systems by listening to their language, and from there it is really easy to counsel them [in a way that reaches that person most effectively], and people come to me with their problems”.

Jack really enjoys using NLP in his sermons. Soon after his NLP training, Jack prepared sermons, taking full advantage of the tools that he learned to capture his audience. He uses NLP concepts such as flexibility of tonality and other tools to motivate his audience in their journeys. Jack’s son happened to be in the audience when Jack gave one of his sermons. His son had also taken the NLP course with Pam at Clarity Institute. Jack told me that his son ran up to him after the sermon and excitedly expressed how he recognized the use of many NLP techniques to deliver an incredible sermon.

Jack also expressed to us a wonderful personal outcome from his NLP training. Before taking NLP, Jack had serious sleeping issues. In the middle of the night, he would stop breathing multiple times and this was literally a danger to his life This also led to waking up in the morning feeling groggy and not well-rested. His doctor prescribed a CPAP machine for him to provide his body with oxygen throughout the night and kept his airway open. After finishing NLP, Jack realized that his sleeping issues were likely due to stress.  He got rid of his stress on his own  by taking the NLP Practitioner Training. As a result, Jack no longer used the CPAP machine. Jack said, “I did a lot of change work and created newer more effective programs for my unconscious to run on, which in turn reduced my stress levels. Once the stress was reduced, the sleeping got better.” To this day Jack is still not using the CPAP machine and continues to sleep well.

Jack Sands is living in the greater Los Angeles with his wife Paula and continues to work as a painting contractor, and youth counselor for his church.  You can see Jack’s attention to detail in exterior painting right here at Clarity Institute.

Jack Sands is a graduate of Clarity Institute’s NLP™ Practitioner certification training  program – 2011 and Master Practitioner certification training – 2014



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