Interview series – A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk: Katie

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All the resources people need are already within them, and NLP taught Katie how to access answers, solutions, and shift old physical and mental patterns to get new and better outcomes.

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Interview series – A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life, NLPeople Talk: Rodrick Davis

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A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life, NLPeople Talk: Rodrick Davis Rodrick Davis is a high school teacher who works with teenagers and adults. Since finishing NLP™ practitioner certification training, Rodrick is using NLP on a daily basis in the classroom and continues to grow with it. Rodrick begins by assessing his students’ representational systems and meta programs immediately.  To help his students achieve their highest potential, Rodrick uses just the right tonality and conversational NLP with them. He uses...

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“A great spouse loves you exactly as you are. A UNIQUELY POWERFUL spouse helps you grow; inspires you to Be, Do and Give your very best.” Choosing the right spouse, brings you even more Freedom than you’d have on your own. This is the purpose of dating: To determine if a potential mate has enough of the right stuff, is evolved enough, whole enough and capable enough of the strength needed to add to your Freedom. It’s a rare find, that’s why a Bashert is called a “meant-to-be” match. The miracle of...

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NLP ChangeWorks Is Like a Dance

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WATCH THIS FIRST ==> Dancing NLP Take a minute and watch the short video clip in the above link of Charlie and Jackie dancing. Then you will see each of the elements below. It is a great metaphor for how good quality NLP ChangeWorks. It’s a dance, and: It’s fun It’s full of lively energy Each partner is unique and brings talents and skills, willingness and flexibility to the session Each partner is necessary for the desired outcome Each step is intricately planned and practiced  before the performance, and it appears...

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NLP & Belifs Vs. Diagnosis

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NLP & Belief Vs. Diagnosis by Pam Castillo Patricia: “So I am officially diagnosed with selective eating disorder, so to all my family members and friends who always made me feel bad for not eating certain foods there’s a reason! its a real disorder!” Pam Castillo: “A diagnosis is only useful if it comes with a remedy and a permanent fix, and that was taught to me by my teacher Dr. Richard Bandler, father and co-founder of NLP™” Sam: “I wouldn’t say that, Pam. When my son was diagnosed, there...

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“STOP doing the things you like and START doing the things you don’t like, for a change” ~ Pam Castillo   Some of the things people have liked in the past such as heroin, bad relationships, overeating, worrying have served only to create problems and prevent more desirable outcomes. On the other hand, some of things people have nOt  liked in the past, such as exercise, lima beans, good advice, public speaking, the taste of wheat grass juice, etc. have prevented you from being able to do things and have things that...

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NLP Experts Speak Out from Psychology Today

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NLP Experts Speak Out In this article you’ll read experts views on  NLP and PTSD,  and more. It’s exciting to find the field of NLP being talked about in the news. Neuro Linguistic Programming experts present their techniques Published on January 8, 2014 by Guy Winch, Ph.D. in The Squeaky Wheel READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE:   “A few months ago I wrote an article based on a recent study I read in a peer reviewed journal (A Simple...

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“Worry is a misuse of the imagination” ~Dan Zadra In order to *worry*,  you  have to engage a specific mental process. That’s right, you actually have to do something inside your mind or the ability to *worry*  or  think most anything,  just does nOt occur.  It might seem as though you haven’t done anything and *worry* just pops into your head and lingers there.  NOPE.  Not the case.  Guaranteed.  What people do to *worry*  is more often than not running just below their conscious radar. And everyone  has a...

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“There are two ways to ascend: You can step upward, leaving one foot in its place as the other moves ahead. Or you can crouch down and leap. This is the true meaning of failure: Failure is not just a setback. Everything in life is a step forward, because everything has meaning. So too, failure: It is the crouch before the jump, the break away from the past so that we can leap into the future.” ~From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory. One of the NLP™ Presuppositions is: There is no failure, there is only...

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“Children do what feels good. Adults devise a plan and follow it.” ~Dave Ramsey When a person processes their understanding of their world by choosing to limit how they process information and relying too heavily on their feelings, thereby ignoring or disassociating from the other information available – such as what the picture will actually look like,  and/or  what they can actually hear,  both said and n0t said,  then it’s not far from a very slippery slope to abandoning one’s beliefs and value system....

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