Pam’s abiding passion remains in inspiring others to greatness.

“Bring your soul to life from within.”  — Pam Castillo

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Magic is at the heart of life, and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques have a unique architecture that provide the access to having magic in your their daily life. How perfectly fitting that Pam Castillo has founded Clarity Institute where many have journeyed with a wish to bring magic in their own lives — Los Angeles.

Pam Castillo has earned wide recognition and accolades from senior colleagues as well as from Richard Bandler,  Co-Developer of NLP™, with whom she trained, and with John La Valle, the President of the Society of NLP™.

As a Licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner and Trainer, Pam Castillo brings great dedication,  warmth and  humor to empowering each person she partners with to achieve their full potential in life: “Fun, Joy, and Clarity is what brings your soul to life from within. My work gives you access to your words, your power and your wisdom.”

She also holds advanced certifications in all other Bandler Technologies;

Persuasion Engineering, Design Human Engineering and Neuro Hypnotic RePatterning and Hypnosis As An Application to NLP™.  Pam has earned dual B.A. degrees in philosophy and comparative religions while additionally studying biology and marketing at the collegiate level.

Through her extensive knowledge of communications, the mind, and healing, Pam helps others achieve limitless outcomes on multidimensional levels of health, wellness, and success in every area of their lives.  Pam maintains an active membership in The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Richard Bandler and  The International Society of NLP™.

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” Thank you! For the loving care you showed to all of us. — Lenora L.

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Pam Castillo’s Licenses and Certifications in the field of NLP™:

  • NLP™ Practitioner  Society of NLP™, Richard Bandler
  • Master Practitioner – Bandler/La Valle
  • NLP™ Trainer – Bandler/La Valle
  • Hypnosis As An Application to NLP™ –  Bandler/La Valle NLP™
  • Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning – Bandler/La Valle
  • Beyond Hypnosis Quantum Communication and the Structure of Change La Valle/Joe Riggio
  • Persuasion Engineering – Bandler/La Valle
  • Design Human Engineering – Bandler/La Valle

“At the core of all healing and success is Love.  It is my belief that bringing a healing word for the love and wellbeing of all, will spread peace, one person at a time.” — Pam Castillo