An hour-and-a-half presentation

How to stop dating to find a Lasting-Loving relationship, meet your Bashert/SoulMate and get married.


* Why dating doesn’t work.
* Why Lasting-Loving relationships are not led by the heart but rather the brain.
* Learn how to get ready for your SoulMate.
* The purpose of marriage for the soul.
* How to sustain love and passion for a lifetime.
* Your compatibility quotient & flexibility quotient.

Question and Answer time to follow

“Yours before we met, mine before we touched,
everlasting from the start. Bashert! “
~Michelle Rummel

Where: Pasadena, California  approximately 20 miles North of LAX. Location based on the size of the group which draws from several sources.  Location and directions will be emailed to you with confirmation of your paid reservation.

Advanced reservations only. NO at door seating.

Reservations and full payment required 24 Hours prior to MeetUp


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