The Buzz from Clients

Our clients write with much passion about the life-changing results they achieve after working with Pam Castillo and Clarity Institute.

In fact, they often invite us to share their letters and posts to let others know the excitement and happiness that’s possible. They want everyone to have lives they love, too.

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In LA, we have a one-of-a-kind NLP™ instructor.

“Pam Castillo is unique in her field. She is a great NLP™ teacher who knows how to imbue her prolific knowledge so students can master the material and rapidly practice a substantial array of valuable NLP™ techniques. Pam is effective and knows her credo.I am a practicing Marriage & Family Therapist and I’m very glad I took Pam’s NLP™ Practitioner course. The benefits are enormous both in my personal life and as a professional businessman.  What I gained is incredible in its scope and power, much more than I originally thought possible. Moreover, under her attentive guidance, learning these techniques and skills was fun & easy.
From being stuck to actively moving forward in every area of my life has brought me closer to fulfilling my dreams with the confidence that this process will continue exponentially into the future.  I am a better, more joyful practitioner today because of her and more open to the many possibilities of freedom and joy this wonderful universe has in store for me.
I highly recommend her courses. Through NLP™ change occurs rapidly & effectively. Thank you Pam! I highly recommend all your courses to everyone!”
— Moshe Gutnick M.A., L.M.F.T.

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NLP™ Training Helps a Business Owner

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NLP™ Changeworks

I was overweight as a child, teenager, young adult, and into adulthood.

“Change is hard. That’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe. And that’s what I’ve believed for most of my life. How could I possibly overcome an issue I’ve had my entire life in just a short time? Like many, I was overweight as a child, teenager, young adult, and into adulthood. Celebration? Gotta eat. Depressed? Gotta feed the feelings. Bored? Must be time for a snack. Food took up too much space in my mind and in my life. After months of reading about Pam’s success after success with her clients, I thought, “No way will she be able to help ME. But, let’s see if she can prove me wrong.” Imagine my shock and amazement when after only a few sessions, I realized that I no longer obsess about food! In her unique, Pam-tastic!TM Way, Pam was able to easily get me to change the way I viewed food. She is unassuming, brilliant, kind, and determined to help every client she takes on. I highly recommend anyone seek out Pam’s help who is looking to make a life change or get over something that is holding them back. TL;DR Pam can help you get over the thing that’s been holding you back! I know this because that’s what she did for me.”

Thanks a Million!

I wanted to give an AMAZING shout-out and a HUGE thank you to a person who had MADE MY 2013 dreams come true. SHe is the amazing and one and only Pam Castillo. My daughter was suffering for YEARS from a phobia that no therapist, doctor, hypnotherapist, or anyone before was able to cure her. Pam was able to do so. The changes we are seeing are simply ASTOUNDING. Thank you Pam for not giving up, and for your dedication and believing, you have DONE it! If anyone suffers from any kind of phobia, fear, or is having any difficulty in life, Pam Castillo is the person to go to, thanks again a MILLION for everything!” ~Galeet Lee Levy

From Fear of Flying to Flying Elated!

“Hi Pam, I have been busy, but meaning to sit down and thank you. Without your help I wouldn’t of made it through that portal of fear to board those planes. Ron and I flew on the same plane with 5 members of my family. They watched in total amazement how I handled the 5 hour flight going, and 6 hour flight coming home!! Of course ALL my cousins knew the seriousness of my fear. They were extremely impressed! It’s difficult to explain how I felt departing in Boston. Elated!! Fulfilled!! Pretty proud of myself, and I owe it to meeting you. Thank you again. I never want to lose this feeling of freedom.” Julie Ann Izuno

Miracle Worker

Pam Castillo, Clarity Institute, is a true miracle worker and a true Master NLP™ Practitioner. Due to Pam’s NLP™ mastery, my brother no longer has claustrophobia and can now swallow a pill! He is 57 years old and has never in his life swallowed a pill until yesterday after Pam worked her NLP™ miracle. He was prohibited from doing many things in his life due to severe claustrophobia and now, he can do whatever he wants! Both of these wonderful changes, were truly LIFE CHANGING for him! Besides being a fantastic teacher, mentor, and giving person, Pam has mastered NLP™ techniques to help anyone with problems that are causing road blocks in their life and so much more. — Linda Tannenbaum, Agoura Hills, CA

An Honor

Hi Pam, Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet with you for an NLP™ Session. It was an honor to be in your presence and have you guide me with tools that I am applying towards a better life. — Sincerely, Cookie

More in Control

Before working with NLP™, food was my life. I thought about food all the time, I planned my day around food, and eating and thinking about food were my greatest sources of pleasure. I binge- ate almost every day, sometimes all week end long. Overeating sapped my energy and drive, made me hate myself, and made everything harder. With food as my central focus, I didn’t know what else I wanted from life. I felt undeserving and completely entrenched. Now, in my present time, my greatest sources of pleasure are planning and executing my real life. I seldom think about food. My entire focus has shifted away from food and towards fulfilling my dreams. I feel less compulsion to eat. I feel more in control of what I eat. Healthy eating magnifies my well-being and accelerates my successful progress in everything. I know what I want. I feel much happier and excited about my future. I am moving forward at what feels like rapid pace. I came to you to change my eating habits so I could get a life. Interestingly, getting a life is changing my eating habits. Who’da thunk? (besides you, silly!) Having a ball. — Big hugs, Force of Nature

Joyous Results

After being treated Unsuccessfully for depression for more than 8 years Bonnie came to Clarity Institute. She writes this to Pam: I wanted to tell you, earlier today a situation occurred where something not very cool happened and I was treated pretty poorly. Previously, something like that would have really put me in a funk. It was the kind of thing I know would have really put me into a state of sadness and negativity. The good news is, I responded in a whole new way! I did NOT go into a funk or get into a bad mood. I felt the emotions and reacted in the opposite way I used to. I saw the POSITIVE in the situation and I ended up in a BETTER mood than I was in before. Only moments later I was walking through the store whistling! It feels amazing and this has proven to be a huge & awesome result of working with you. I have felt so joyous about the whole thing I wanted to tell you so you would know. The best part about it, it all came naturally to me- it required no conscious effort at all, it just happened. It’s the new me and I’m so excited about it. I am ever so grateful for this change and I want to say thank you. — Bonnie

NLP Works

The NLP™ way that you teach is how our mind initially and naturally works. Over time, we forget that, disrupt it and s**t happens. The balances get out of whack. You work towards restoring those skills and balances and more importantly, stimulate and gain growth in these ways. Things are going great! — Mac