Clarity Institute’s NLP™ Master Associate Mentor Program is a 1 year Mentoring program designed to:

  • Progress your NLP™ changework and teaching skills
  • Promote your skills to the public
  • Propel your NLP™ into the direction of your dreams

This Program is for you If you are an NLP™ Master Practitioner, NLP™ Trainer or plan to become one.  If you want to increase your artistry in doing NLP changework – then invest in your success the NLP™ way – by modeling excellence!

Access the teaching model and structure to connect with your clients and students as a group and individually with exquisite distinction.

This is the stuff you DON’T get anywhere else!

Be mentored in the following areas:

  • The structure and artistry of successful individual NLP™ changework sessions
  • The structure and artistry of successful NLP™ Certification courses
  • The structure and artistry of successful NLP™ workshops and niches
  • The structure and artistry of successful NLP™ business practices

Getting optimal results – quickly, easily and permanently is what NLP™ is famous for. Now apply this model to your NLP™ practice with Pam Castillo as your mentor.  I’m licensed, certified, and experienced  in all the Bandler Technologies. I’ve had a successful private NLP™ Practice for nearly two decades,  and conduct 4 Practitioner/Master Practitioner certification trainings a year. I’ve learned a few things along the way, and I will model them for you in this process. This is an unprecedented opportunity to share years of experiences, pick my brain and model what works to begin your own practice or to be exquisitely excellent at what you do with NLP™

DOing NLP™ with integrity and excellence and building a lasting career you can be proud of for yourself and for those you will serve, will give you the outcomes you want and make this a better planet to live on for everyone. NLP™ is more popular than ever and it’s vitally important to offer quality NLP™ to the public.

If you’re ready to advance to the next level, there is no other program like this and it will be my honor to mentor you in the model that experience brings, right to you to experience.

BECAUSE: “It’s not about us, it’s about them” ~ P. Castillo

During your year in this program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Be mentored as you participate as a Master Associate candidate in 2 full NLP™ Master Practitioner/Practitioner courses.
  • Observe the critical distinctions of calibrating groups during the installation process and unpack each daily session with Pam
  • Observe Pam in private changework and unpack each session with her.
  • Work with Pam on your client’s changework.
  • Be coached in NLP™ business practices from finding your niche, marketing and development and client relations.
  • Receive a certificate as a Master Associate of Clarity Institute.

You must be a Master NLP™ Practitioner or Trainer and be licensed by a Society of NLP™ Qualified Trainer to apply to this program.

If you want to learn more from modeling my style and technique as taught to me by my teachers and mentors: Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Kathleen La Valle, and the other Master Trainers on the Bandler/LaValle training team,  call me and let’s talk.



or call our office at 818-654-9660.