Bashert – noun; from the ancient and poetic wisdom of the worlds greatest mystics and sages meaning “meant to be” or literally a match made in heaven.  “Oneness” in their past, present, and future is thus what defines a truly predestined (bashert) couple. They share a common soul-root (their past), common goals (their future), and always (in the present) remember their common origin as they proceed toward their common goal.

Great Love and blissful marriage is possible for you if you are ready.

You can begin powerfully to find your Bashert with Pam Castillo as your own personal NLP™ Bashert MatchMaker.

What Pam does is find for you, the person you’ve been looking for, and who wants what is truly compatible with what matters to you.  Her unique approach to Bashert and regular guidance, ensure that you meet and develop a loving connection with someone who is naturally and authentically right for you and who will propose marriage.

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Pam represents only one client at a time, starting with your full Bashert Program and then moving forward on a personal search  for your perfect mate.  No data bases, no looking through books of outdated photos or videos, no more on-line dating sites. THIS a totally personalized unique and different approach to MatchMaking, it’s Bashert!  And you will NOT find anything quite like this anywhere else.

Pam makes this process comfortable and fun for you because with Bashert:  EVERY Time,  “right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

Bashert MatchMaking with NLP™ here at Clarity Institute may be what you want to get married and be the happily ever after couple.

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Your soul mate is longing for you, too. With Bashert MatchMaking, you will be prepared to be found, and cherished.

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