Bashert Professional Training is a certification course offered exclusively by Clarity Institute and designed to give you the tools, experience and knowledge to become a qualified Bashert MatchMaker.


There is nothing more noble than helping two souls find common union for a lifetime of lasting love.  In some traditions, it’s considered the highest form of a good deed and makes an even stronger connection between the matchmaker and the universal source of love.


At Clarity Institute,  the birth of Bashert was based in the NLP™ model.

Exquisite communication, combined with the conscious awareness of the unconscious process is at the core of the tools you will learn to apply to Bashert MatchMaking when you become a certified Bashert MatchMaker.

Prerequisites to this course are:

If you feel called to be a Bashert MatchMaker, for your personal use and with friends and family or  Professionally, for a new enterprise that will bring you joy, purpose driven fulfillment, and a premium livelihood,  then this certification program will change your life and it may just be  a meant-to-be match for you.

If you’re curious about the possibilities then



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