“Yours before we met, mine before we touched, everlasting from the start. Bashert!”
~Michelle Rummel
There comes a time that feels just right, when who you are, has personally journeyed and reached that place of confidence, contentment and appreciation for all that living your truth bestows.

That’s the place where you know it’s time to share the best of you now by finding your Bashert/SoulMate. 
Are you the one to join this Business Woman, as her husband ? ? ?

If you or someone you know is marriage minded and ready now, then email me now, to see if my client is the right wife for you or someone you know who wants to find their life partner. 
Complimentary Bashert Consultation –   NO COST TO YOU

And just maybe, you’re a match for my current Bashert client:                                                                                     
Are you the one for this 30 something, God loving woman looking for her forever God loving Bashert/Soul Mate?

As the Bashert MatchMaker for this young woman, I’m looking for her match. He will be: 

– Someone who is close with their family and friends and it is evident by weekly face to face interactions.

– Someone who takes action and anticipates what the needs are of the person they love.

– Someone who feels and is accomplished.

– Someone who is flexible in their plans.

– Someone who is both nurturing and vulnerable.

– Someone who is a good listener, emotionally supportive, financially supportive, has a good work ethic, and has good work-home-life balance.

The man for this woman I represent will be a respectful, playful, old-fashioned guy with gentlemanly values, with a strong spiritual practice

Someone who is willing to go the distance  to optimize their personal life, is honest and self aware.

Someone who is marriage ready now because they have their life in order and has cleared the heavy baggage away already.

My client, is a woman who: 

  • Loves animals
  • Wants children
  • Actively participates in religious growth
  • Has strong values and morals
  • Wears Wonder Woman Cuffs
  • Ready for a husband will accept a marriage proposal to the right man for a lifetime of lasting love


If you are interested in this woman for purposes of marriage…..

SIMPLY START HEREor call our office at 818-654-9660.
Please put: “I WANT TO GET MARRIED” in the subject line. Include your full name, phone number and age and I will arrange to speak with you as son as possible.
Males only for this amazing woman.