BUSINESS is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge!

That’s right.  Successful businesses and their profitability happen  because the people who run them,  do so by being 80% behaviorally successful and only about 20% knowledgeable. IT’S THE BEHAVIORS that are the forces behind the drive to success or the cliff to failure and financial lack.

AND…. HOW YOU COMMUNICATE inside the company and outside the company will determine how well  your products and services are received by others. It’s 100% vital to know the how-to’s of effective NLP™ communication to each and every different type of person and group, including yourself. And those who can use the NLP™ model effectively in business, have the leading edge. Period.

“I want to let you know that I am launching my new business, I’ll be sending an email out tonight, so look for it, it will give you all the details. I’m excited and I finally  ready to move forward.  Couldn’t have done it without your help, so thank you for your wisdom and expertise!”



If you have some bad habits and are not yet effective or persuasive with NLP™ communication techniques, you may not be getting the recognition and profit you deserve.  Get NLP™ clarity, persuasion, and the ability to create connections with others that make you the ultimate influencer.

Let Pam Castillo lead you to access the full power of NLP™ to achieve your business goals with remarkable ease, giving you the edge, and leaving your competitors wondering how you’re doing it now.

Business Consulting Services Available:

  • Company Goals and Direction
  • Management Development
  • Staff Development
  • Employee Performance
  • Persuasive Communication – in person, presentations, in print and on your web site
  • Sales Training
  • Best Hiring Practices / Job Matchmaking
  • Leadership
  • Self Improvement issues


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Pam Castillo’s own entrepreneurial skills and success in business consulting and ownership in several commercial companies are at the core of her care in developing Clarity Institute. Her “whatever it takes” creative approach to problem solving converges harmoniously with her higher education, and 25+ years of experience in management, marketing, and advertising for the benefit of her clients.

With Pam Castillo’s expertise in NLP™, you’ll have access to a future that will make a world of difference to your clients, your staff, your colleagues, your managers, your family…and  most of all, to yourself.

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