When you think back now on the uniquely powerful ways your NLP™ Practitioner Training shifted your personal and professional life,  you begin to notice what wells up from within.  It’s a warm smile that starts when your  mind responds to the memories of experiencing NLP™ for the first time, then moves quickly to infuse this moment with joy.  Ahhh, yes!

If it’s your goal and your desire to deepen your NLP™skills,  achieve mastery with NLP™,  and create the next level of amazing results then….

It’s the perfect time to receive your Master Practitioner Training at Clarity Institute.

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You’ve already learned how to change your feelings about the past, so that they no longer affect your present and future behavior.

You’ve discovered how to get into and maintain any state of being you wish you at a moment’s choice.

You understand how language drives, predicts and influences behavior now.

You know how to overcome hesitation, and move into confidence, surety and clarity.

With mastery,  you’ll explore all the rest of what’s been bubbling up from the basic’s.  So come on in,  sit back and buckle up as Pam Castillo guides you to  venture beyond and into how you can apply the NLP model “deeper, faster, wider, father” for more success and fulfillment  in every area of your life.

If You’re ready for your own mastery,  and to increase your elegance  in guiding and inspiring others, then

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  • Highly individualized attention and focus enhanced by boutique style advanced training
  • Deepen your connection to the unconscious process
  • Deepen and expand your skills in our comfortable, intimate Zen-like setting
  • Be inspired towards new directions while having fun and laughing more
  • Personal training by the most experienced Society of NLP™ trainer in Los Angeles,  Pam Castillo, Licensed and recommend by NLP™ Co-Creator Richard Bandler
  • Experiential training at its best, with clarity, accuracy and honesty
  • As always, lots of laughter that makes learning invigorating and fun

NLP™ Master Practitioner Training is available at Clarity Institute in these formats:

NLP™ Master Practitioner 3X3+2* –  3 days a week for 3 consecutive weeks + 2 consecutive days at the start

NLP™ Master Practitioner  Accelerated 11 Day Course
*Dates  Announced via Early Access Subscribers List

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NLP™ Master Practitioner Weekend/Sunday Series Course *

   Training dates  and locations  (subscribe for early access to dates) 

*NLP™ Practitioner Training from an approved Society of NLP™ Licensed Trainer is a prerequisite for Master Practitioner Training


or call our office at 818-654-9660.

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or call our office at: 818-654-9660

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“Have you ever watched an absolutely amazing movie once and found yourself in bigger and better awe the second time you sat down and enjoyed it? You noticed more details, grabbed more information and maybe even applied lessons learned to your own life and changed it that way. This the exact sensational feeling I got each and every day walking into Master Practitioner class. The experience is richer and more powerful; absorbing the same information without emotion, just pure knowledge. The first time around as practitioners, we learned how to grab control of our neurology, because we can, and improve our own lives with NLP™ tools and skills- Once we transitioned into Master Practitioners, we got to absorb this knowledge with our brains rather than hearts, because we had experienced it that way already. Master Practitioner is the ultimate and COMPLETE NLP™ experience. You could very well say that becoming a Master Practitioner was the the cherry on top of the gift of discovering NLP™ and Pam Castillo’s class.” — Justine D 

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” This past 6 months from NLP™ training to today has changed my life dramatically, giving me happiness and purpose in life as well as tools for a new life path and a way to help others in a bigger way than I ever thought possible. I am grateful, appreciative and will be forever in awe of Pam and her ability to convey meaning to life, to learning and to what is important in life. Thank you!” — Linda T.

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Living Masterfully.  Can you imagine yourself even more fully engaged in and expanding life  for yourself and others? We’ll take a look at what’s next for you, when you


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