Clarity Institute

is a recognized and licensed School of Hypnotherapy by The American Board of Hypnotherapy.


Pam Castillo

is a recognized and licensed Hypnotherapy Trainer by The American Board of Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis with NLP™,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is more powerful, more effective and creates fast, lasting change where standard hypnosis alone often fails.

NLP™ Training with Hypnosis Training – As a licensed and recommended Society of NLP™ Richard Bandler Trainer with over a decade and a half experience, our NLP™ Practitioner Training exceeds the requirements to qualify you to earn a Hypnotherapy License by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

WIth our convenient Combination Course:
Your resources, both financial and time are maximized as you learn the uniquely powerful skills of NLP™, Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis

When you meet and have demonstrated the requirements in this course you will earn 2 certifications in one course here at Clarity Institute and receive:
• NLP™ Practitioner License – Certification by The Society of NLP™
• Hypnotherapist License – Certification and Registration by The American Board of Hypnotherapy. (separate fee)
• Wallet I.D. verification of Hypnotherapist License by The American Board of Hypnotherapy
• And a Certificate of Completion by Clarity Institute
hypnotherapycertificate    Mock Hypno CertificateE-6-13-2_distributed

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