I answered the phone that morning as usual, “Clarity Institute, this is Pam.”

The high pitched voice on the other end rushed through the introduction with lightening speed.  “I got your name from Richard Bandler’s website, I’m a life coach trained in NLP™ and so, I need to ask you, what is theeee most powerful NLP™ tool? Is it a swish pattern or reframing or what do you think?”

And then with the callers same lightening speed, I quipped back with one word.  “Yes.”  A simple, well crafted comment to match, lead and direct the caller inside their mind. I then asked what was important about knowing  *the most powerful NLP™ tool*, as if one actually existed.  The response: “because I booked a client and I want to use the most powerful tool of NLP™ in my coaching session tomorrow”…

If you’re new to NLP™ and have not had sufficient training or ample time to practice and develop your skills before being Open For Business – Don’t Panic, I can help you.

I am Los Angeles’ most experienced NLP™ Trainer, licensed and recommended by The Society of NLP™, Richard Bandler. I have trained with Richard Bandler since 1999 and am certified, license and experienced in all The Bandler Technologies.

NLP™ Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer – Bandler/ LaValle

• Hypnosis As An Application to NLP™ –  Bandler/LaValle

• Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning – Bandler/LaValle

• Persuasion Engineering – Bandler/LaValle

• Design Human Engineering – Bandler/LaValle

• Beyond Hypnosis Quantum Communication and the Structure of Change LaValle/Joe Riggio

I have maintained an active and successful private NLP™ Practice since 1999 and facilitate Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification trainings 4 times a year.


• Co Trainer for Certification Courses or Workshops

• Workshop Development

• Consult on Private Client Work

• Business Development

• Advanced Skill Building

• ReTraining

You may be initiating an NLP™ practice, or intending to grow an existing practice, or even recalibrating one that has plateaued, or perhaps dormant.

Clarity Institute is committed to inspiring and supporting the highest ethics, standards, and best practices for the entire NLP™ Community.

It is our honor to consult with you to achieve your vision.

The need in the world is so great, with so many people needing real help, real quick and the more NLP’ers like you we have out there who are called to help, the better the planet is going to be. So I commend you for being of service and for searching for support and assistance if you need it.  NLP™ and the Bandler Technologies are amazingly effective. If you have a public practice in NLP™ and want help, support or want to learn more from modeling my style and technique as taught to me by my teachers and mentors: Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Kathleen LaValle, and the other Master Trainers on the Bandler/LaValle training team,  call me and let’s talk.

• • •

Contact us with any questions,  to discuss Clarity Institute Consulting for the NLP™ Community, or for an appointment for yourself.



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