52 NLP Skill Builders by Pam Castillo


52 NLP Skill Builders by Pam CastilloThe goal of the 52 NLP Skill Builders is to help people who are NLP trained, or have a desire to begin to learn to communicate more effectively, to practice NLP with a process designed to build your skill level, and deepen your comprehension. If you want to use NLP and communicate more efficiently, effectively, persuasively, and most importantly, competently, this is the uniquely designed NLP practice workbook to guide you at your own pace.

“The degree of your continued success begins and ends with continued practice.”

Speaking of practice, you are probably curious about the details of 52 NLP Skill Builders and how they can MAGNIFY & AMPLIFY your NLP skills for success.

Here’s how this program will benefit you:

  • The 52 Skill Builders take the tools and techniques you have already learned and gives you the opportunity to dive in to greater depths so that you get more out of NLP and can be more effective when using NLP skills. Like seeing the forest
    through the trees!
  • You will be able to use the NLP skills more like second nature, without thinking, so with practice, the more your skills unlock and unleash the biggest potential for success with NLP.
  • You will discover many more applications of NLP skills that you haven’t thought of before so you can apply them to your personal and professional life.
  • You will be able to talk about communications and NLP in particular, a lot easier, so that you can be more confident and creative with others about NLP.
  • You will be able to do more effective change work on yourself and others.

That’s why we’ve developed 52 NLP Skill Builders. A carefully crafted program from the creative mind of Society NLP, Richard Bandler, Trainer Pam Castillo.

  • Pam’s proven skill-building methods since 1999 – in private practice and then in certification training, and later pioneering NLP in new applications such as loving relationships.
  • Pam is Los Angeles’ most experienced and recommended NLP trainer by the Society of NLP, Richard Bandler.
  • These exercises will help clarify your skills and harness the big picture into the right amount of detail you need to make your NLP skills more and more effective.