Clarity Institute offer a special workshop designed to empower you to step into a world of loving receptivity.

This workshop opens you up to new relationship opportunities now.

Learn how to:

Become an ideal, loving, secure mate.

Discover your long term compatibility quotient.

Spot and Choose the right stuff in a mate.

Sustain a lifetime of love and passion.

SoulMate Workshop: Keys to a Lasting-Loving Relationship

 Stop in the name of love: are you really ready for lasting-love?

Understanding what lasting-love is. And what it is NOT.

Learn to communicate who you are quickly, and with elegant ease and honesty

Head vs. heart: what is the real guiding force

Sensory based evidence ONLY: Calibration Skills

The NLP™ approach for the predictability of compatibility

The State of Love: know how ot maintain the optimal state

The Purpose of Marriage

The Teepee Theory

• • •

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