A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Life: Amanda More

One of my students works as a part time Art Assistant. She recounted a story to me of a healing trance she had while she was waiting for a layer of paint to dry.  On a couch nearby she laid down and closed her eyes, putting herself into a deep relaxed state using one of the advanced hypnotic induction techniques she learned in Master Practitioner Training. As she did this, she recognized she had thoughts floating in her head about what’s good about being a Master Practitioner and wondered to herself, “What are the benefits of trance for clients?” Already she is beginning with the hypnotic type questions learned from Practitioner Training which lead the unconscious mind to delivering results in the the form of answers leading to even better outcomes. She then relays the following trance experience.

“In my trance, I remember walking up to a table and I was telling myself in a far away voice, ‘Imagine this table with many objects on it.’ And on the table objects began to appear. First I saw a spinning top, then some string, paper with patterns on it, other arts and crafts supplies, and finally a very small door. I was surprised by the door and opened it, only to find myself stepping into a room that was made up of a color with no name, a color I have never seen before, and somehow I just knew that it was a color meant for healing. So I asked myself, ‘What can I do with this color?’” Thank goodness for NLP and well-formed, productive questions. Instead of asking some question like, “Why am I thinking about this color,” which would not have been useful or productive, she asked a “what” question, the hypnotic type question to her unconscious mind that led her to the following.

She continues her story by telling me, “Then I used this color to fill my body, from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head, rejuvenating and reviving every cell in my being and molecule in my body. Once I had done that, I ended the trance by allowing this process to continue through the night as I sleep and dream. Then I brought myself out of the trance. I felt extremely good and revitalized, being able to finish out the work for the day fresh.

My first thought after coming out of the trance was, ‘Yes, this is what is good about being a Practitioner for clients. Giving the world more healing. And that is what I must do, so go do it Amanda.’ ”

Going first, staying open, and allowing the Other-Than-Conscious mind to bubble up information for you can happen anywhere and any time. Having good hypnotic questions floating and trusting the NLP™ process will get you answers that connect you to deeper meaning/s.

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