“Steve Jobs had advanced ideas for which there was no point of reference, so he had to create a reference his listeners could relate to. Metaphorical thinking is how Jobs made sense of the world and how he ultimately created intoxicating brand messages.” ~Carmine Gallo in Forbes Magazine

Read how one of the NLP™ powerful communication tools transformed the way Steve Jobs learned to be a more effective communicator. Full article here

Metaphor is just 1 of the amazing NLP™ tools you learn at the other-than-conscous level, to use with ease, elegance and effectiveness when you learn NLP™ from an experienced and qualified trainer. Do you really have the time in your business to struggle to be effective enough to get your message across to people who simply think and process differently than you?

Creating great metaphors and combining them with effective language patterns that energize your audience and lead them to the land of I Can, can be modeled and learned.

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