“There are two ways to ascend: You can step upward, leaving one foot in its place as the other moves ahead. Or you can crouch down and leap.

This is the true meaning of failure: Failure is not just a setback. Everything in life is a step forward, because everything has meaning.

So too, failure: It is the crouch before the jump, the break away from the past so that we can leap into the future.”

~From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory.

One of the NLP™ Presuppositions is: There is no failure, there is only feedback. (or feedforward as I like to think of it).

One of the reasons I believe NLP™ is so effective, is that  it is, in-and-of-itself, an energy. And to me, it has a spiritual quality, perhaps that’s why it’s grown and thrived for over 4 decades and still feels like NLP™ is generative. Like creation, itself, it keeps recreating and expanding. Today, 9-11, this seems like a most poignant quote.

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