A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life, NLPeople Talk: Laurie

Laurie is a budget manager for a law enforcement agency in Southern California. She handles all financial transactions, research projects, as well as communicating with people from other departments. She finished NLP practitioner training in 2012 and reports that her life has drastically changed since finishing NLP training.

Laurie said, “Working with Pam has changed my understanding of the universe. I am more in tune with how to align speech, thoughts, feelings and actions.” She says she has a deeper understanding of universal intelligence and feeling connected in the world. Laurie then laughed and said, “Ok, that’s kind of airy fairy, but I honestly use it every day all day.”

Working for a law enforcement agency, Laurie uses her NLP calibration skills to adapt her communication style like a chameleon depending on with whom she is talking. Working with so many people on a daily basis, she looks at their hardwired meta programs. In meetings, she uses the NLP techniques of mirroring, matching, reading body language and eye accessing cues in order to adapt her communication to be more persuasive to them with her ideas.

Laurie frequently sits on oral interview panels for the city to asses where an applicant’s skills would best be utilized. Using multiple NLP skills, she is able to quickly calibrate where a person would be a correct fit within the structure of the city hiring system and she says “using NLP in these oral panels helps me ask better questions and discern whether a candidate is presenting a congruent message”.

Since finishing NLP training, Laurie has received a valuable promotion at work and continues to get glowing reviews from her superiors and coworkers, no doubt due to her increased skill level in communication, calibrating, and personal transformation in feeling connected in the world.


Laurie is a graduate of Clarity Institute’s NLP™ certification program 2012


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