A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk: Clifton Horton


One day a woman called the customer service department of Clifton Horton’s engineering office very upset because the quote she requested had not been sent to her in what she considered a timely manner.  The woman first spoke with a customer service department representative for quite a while, and the representative was unable to resolve the conflict and satisfy the customer.  The call was then turned her over to Clifton, as often times, he’s the one relied upon for the more difficult cases of customer service and conflict resolution. Clifton said,  “Immediately,  I was listening to the tone of her voice, her breathing, and the kinds of specific words she was using, and I began to match and mirror that”.  He was also sorting for and noting the NLP representational systems she was using to express herself so that he could incorporate that and continue to build an even more effective rapport with the customer. This allowed Clifton to be successful in getting this difficult and dissatisified customer to listen with an open mind, and allow her to consider the options he had for a solution she could feel good about. With these techniques and more from the NLP training Clifton had learned, he was able to communicate exquisitely with her and she was comfortable with him. As the call continued,  he said he could hear that her tonality was beginning to relax, and he lead her into an even more relaxed state, effortlessly.

Now, Clifton could easily communicate to her the reasons it took longer than she anticipated to procure a quote and the particulars of filling the new product design, she requested. The customer said she now felt “relieved”,  because she now understood and  could go back and communicate to her manager what he needed to know.  Clifton said, “by the end of the conversation I was laughing and joking with her, and she was very happy.  I left her with the impression, which was true,  that her account would be getting special attention”.   The rest of her purchase  and  dealings with the company all went smoothly.

Clifton plans to retire this year and realize his goal, of  NLP coaching as he begins this next part of  his journey in life.

Clifton Horton is An Application Engineer in the Aero Space Industry that contracts engineered jobs for the US Military and private organizations.  Clifton interfaces with buyers seeking custom products for Air Crafts, Ships, etc. Clifton lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife.  

Clifton is a graduate of Clarity Institute’s NLP Practitioner certification course – 2010

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