A  Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk: Rod Betancourt

“People are so stressed with work, and life [in general] that they are looking for something to relax them.  Its not the massage itself they want, it is to be heard, and they want someone to help them through their stress. A lot of this stress is emotional, and it connects with the physical” say Rod Betancourt, massage therapist.  With NLP, we can help people feel heard and to release their stress from the inside out, by guiding them with language, both verbal and non-verbal in a uniquely powerful way.

While working as a massage therapist, Rod Betancourt had a woman come in for a massage one day who was quite noticeably tense. He described knowing this by observing her keenly, and calibrating the finer observable distinctions, including the way her shoulders were pushed up, and other ways she was holding tension in her body. In the brief moments before beginning this clients’ massage, he initiated a very soothing, exquisite deep resonant tone of voice which he learned in NLP Training, which began to lead the client into a new state, one of relaxation. He began giving her, Milton Model language patterns such as,  “Now, relax and picture yourself in a happy place” in that same hypnotic tonality to induce an even deeper state of relaxation which led the clients unconscious process for even better results than the conscious mind could have produced alone. Rod specifically used pre suppositions to lead this client more deeply into her newly relaxed state, and continued by matching her breathing which allowed the client to follow with her slower breathing which achieved a deeper still, state of relaxation, in an effortless way for the client.  Rod said,  “By me [going first and] being in my relaxed state [congurently], it lead the client to unconsciously match me and the result was that her body totally relaxed. In any massage there is a transfer of energy between therapist and client. If I lead in the state I want them to follow, the massage is most successful” .

By the end of the massage, Rod noticed the woman was so relaxed that she had fallen asleep, snoring, and her body was completely relaxed. The woman left feeling relaxed, and rejuvenated. This is a great way to build a thriving business with repeat clients.

Rod Betancourt works for LAPD as a civilian trainer. Rod is pursuing an Acupuncture Degree and Certification and is a Certified Massage Therapist. Treat yourself and book a massage with Rod Betancourt. Rod can be contacted at: Enlightening.performance@gmail.com

Rod Betancourt is a graduate of Clarity Institute’s NLP Practitioner certification course – 2012 and NLP Master Practitioner certification course – 2013.

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