A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Life; NLPeople Talk: Don Martin

Don Martin recently had major surgery. Open heart surgery to be exact. The doctors informed Don that he would have a breathing tube inserted down his throat. As part of the procedure, they also mentioned that as he would be coming out of anesthesia, the breathing tube would still be in his throat and that he would experience discomfort with it. This started to worry Don because he did not want something down this throat while being awake. So he decided that the way to change this was to change his mind, and with a near automatic mental response, Don reframed the story of what he would experience when he woke up after the surgery. Don asked himself and important question just before surgery: “When I go through this surgery and come out of it, what is it I am going to be thinking and feeling?” Then Don thought of how he wanted to feel. Using the technique of future pacing simultaneously with time distortion, Don was able to experience how he wanted to feel post surgery. Don told me, “I felt calm, confident, and relaxed as I future paced myself to the post surgery new experience.” Don told me that as he came out of the actual surgery, he didn’t even think about the breathing tube and he felt calm, just as he did in the pre-surgical imagined experience. Don said he was using his NLP skills once he was home recovering as well.  He reported that occasionally he experienced pain in the area of the surgery while exercising or sleeping. He told me that It is then, that he puts himself into a relaxed state, speaks to himself using certain NLP phrases and language to release the pain and it’s been  very successful. Don said: “NLP for pain cessation had been an amazing gift.”  Don and his doctors have been surprised by his remarkable speedy recovery.


Don Martin is a Financial Advisor and a graduate of Clarity Institute’s NLP Practitioner Training and NLP Master Practitioner Training – 2010

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