Ben Gurion University researchers say simple exercises can create new neural connections, helping the brain ignore irrelevant information

YES, that’s what Co-creator and father of NLP™ Richard Bandler has been doing and teaching others to do for 4 decades now and as his licensed Trainer here in Los Angeles, I’ve been teaching people to do the same for nearly 2 decades.

Hear’s the article:

GET OVER your fears and phobias heights, needles, foods, public speaking, failure, success, claustrophobia, fear of flying, childbirth, stage fright, death, intimacy, surgery, medical procedures, commitment, drowning, water, panic …

GET PAST your past relationship trauma, childhood trauma, family criticism, post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, physical traumas, bad habits …

GET THROUGH your problems, test anxiety, addictions, depression, procrastination, social anxiety, indecision, anger, shyness, self worth, jealousy, confidence, stress, spelling, learning, loneliness, family disharmony, compulsions, eating problems, weight control, sports performance, pain, poor health, co-worker/supervisor communication, career choices …

CREATE THE HABIT OF HAPPINESS and live by choice, n0t by chance.

Happy people are healthier, live longer, have better relationships, and are more successful in every area of their life and you can be too!

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