Celebrity Snake Phobia Cure – Live on T.V.

Los Angeles Television personality Michael Strahan – Co host of Live with Kelly and Michael, morning talk show was terrified of snakes.  If seeing is believing, then have a look at the this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_xrTtjpCpE

Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and my teacher  is live here showing  this celebrity how to use his brain differently to get a new response to snakes. NLP is about teaching people to run their own neurology instead of being out of control and acquiescing to fears, phobias and limited beliefs.

If you have fears, you have learned how to have them, mostly unconsciously. And you learned how to respond to fear reliably. I can teach you how to have a calm, and indifferent response if you’re ready to get your life back and be free again, once and for all.

GET OVER your fears and phobias heights, needles, foods, public speaking, failure, success, claustrophobia, fear of flying, childbirth, stage fright, death, intimacy, surgery, medical procedures, commitment, drowning, water, panic …

GET PAST your past relationship trauma, childhood trauma, family criticism, post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, physical traumas, bad habits …

GET THROUGH your problems, test anxiety, addictions, depression, procrastination, social anxiety, indecision, anger, shyness, self worth, jealousy, confidence, stress, spelling, learning, loneliness, family disharmony, compulsions, eating problems, weight control, sports performance, pain, poor health, co-worker/supervisor communication, career choices …

CREATE THE HABIT OF HAPPINESS and live by choice, n0t by chance.

Happy people are healthier, live longer, have better relationships, and are more successful in every area of their life and you can be too!

Here’s what one of my students of NLP has to say: “I compare learning NLP™ to discovering that I am flying an airplane…and it came with default settings. I only had a faint understanding of how much power each person has to go into their own cockpit and say, “I’ve got this!”  After taking NLP™ training, I saw that life is navigation through a sky of people with varying degrees of control of their planes. Some are crashing into each other, some are holding up their planes from the outside, some are stalled, and some are flying side by side, effortlessly gliding through the clouds. NLP™ asks people that are dangling from the propellers of their planes to stop asking “why?” and get in the cockpit, learn what the buttons do and fly the plane. Anybody can accept that their controls are on auto pilot and give up responsibility for the flight coarse, but wouldn’t it be easier to navigate through a storm from within the cockpit?””Wouldn’t it be fun to choose a destination, to be able to make loops in the sky or have the skills to fly farther and discover more than before or inspire other pilots?  It sounds like something super heroes do…learning to operate neurology…Who has the skills and knowledge to teach such a power??? Yoda…the teachers at Hogwarts… Professor X from X-man….and Pam Castillo. I felt everyday going to Clarity Institute like I was on my way to Hogwarts to be like Harry Potter. I learned new ways to move past fears and challenges, and see and hear in a more refined way. The ease I feel about life has increased dramatically since NLP™. I got in the cockpit and instead of pushing the panic button at the thought of a storm..I now have skills to get curious about how I can maneuver through what comes my way.  I feel like I am flying in my heart and I have two feet on the ground. What is a feeling like that worth?”~Brooke H., Artist


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